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60 million people in the U.S. suffer from headaches

There are fewer than 430 board-certified headache specialists. The average doctor will spend less than 15 minutes discussing your headaches with you. Work with headache experts to tell your story to your doctor
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Poor sleep affects one in four people

Good quality sleep is essential to good health. How do we know when our sleep quality is contributing to other health problems? How do we determine why we are not sleeping well? And most importantly, how do we fix it?

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Health Conditions

  • Headache

    Do you suffer from headaches? Learn more about your condition, complete a headache history to help you and your doctor diagnose and treat your headaches,find a specialist near you. Learn more…

  • Sleep Disorders (coming soon)

    Are you unable to get a decent night’s rest? Learn more about sleep hygeine and causes of poor sleep. Complete our questionnaire to help your physician identify what’s keeping you up at night. Coming Fall, 2013

  • Memory Loss (coming soon)

    Does short-term memory loss complicate your life? Are you worried about Alzheimer’s? Learn more about the many treatable causes of memory loss and complete our questionnaire to help you and your doctor diagnose and treat your the cause of your memory problems. Coming Spring, 2013

  • Mood Disorders (coming soon)

    Are you sad more often than not? Do you find yourself feeling anxious and unable to calm yourself? These can be signs of a mood disorder or symptoms of other medical conditions. Most causes of depression and anxiety are treatable once they are accurately diagnosed. The key to the correct diagnosis and treatment is often in the history. Coming Summer, 2013

  • Diabesity (coming soon)

    It is all over the news. Obesity and diabetes are teaming up to bring us to our knees. What is the connection between the two and how do we protect ourselves and those we love from the devastating effects of these two health threats? Coming Winter, 2014

  • Urinary Problems (coming soon)

    Do you have trouble with urination? Difficulty getting started, emptying your bladder, pain with urination can all be signs of medical problems ranging from infection to cancer. By asking the right questions, we can learn to distinguish between normal aging and medical conditions that require a doctor’s attention. Coming Spring 2014

  • Weakness and Fatigue (coming soon)

    Do you lack energy, feel exhausted, want to just sleep all day? Fatigue is a common symptom of a variety of treatable medical conditions. Viral infections, poor sleep, endocrine problems and diet can all present with symptoms of fatigue. Coming Spring, 2014

  • Ayurvedic Medicine (coming soon))

    What is Ayurvedic Medicine? One of the oldest and most respected medical systems in the world, practiced by more than 1 billion people, Ayurvedic medicine approaches health and illness by determining your “healthy” state and looking at ways of returning you to that state. Discover your Ayurvedic body type by completing a questionnaire. Coming Spring, 2013

  • Stomach Problems (coming soon)

    Do you experience constipation, diarrhea, heart burn or just have a “sensitive” digestive tract? People often go for years without fully understanding why they have these problems when often the answer is readily available and easily treatable. How do doctors recognize the differences between minor and life-threatening gastrointestinal disease? Coming Summer, 2014

  • Skin Problems (coming soon)

    When we are young, it is acne and eczema. Later it is sun exposure and age spots. How do we know when a spot is just a spot and not something more dangerous? Dermatologists are trained to recognize and test, but when do we decide it is time to see the doctor? Coming Fall, 2014

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