About ProMyHealth

What is ProMyHealth?

This is a site that will help you communicate with your doctor

ProMyHealth is a free website for people who want to gain better control of their medical problems by improving communication with their doctors and bringing world class expert consultation to bear on their specific medical issues.

ProMyHealth has assembled medical experts to develop software that will help you organize and prepare your specific medical information (called the medical history) into a report that your physician can read through to get a complete picture of your condition. The software then uses the latest diagnostic criteria to suggest the most likely clinical impression and treatments based on the history provided.

As you go through the questionnaire, you will learn more about your problem from interesting facts that will appear to the left of some questions. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can print out a report for your physician containing the summary of your history . Then you should have a complete physical examination and any appropriate testing to nail down the diagnosis, and create a treatment plan.

ProMyHealth has begun with Headache. Shortly, other medical problems such as memory loss, sleep problems, depression, anxiety and many others will be added. Coming soon, there will be many other features on the website that we hope will be useful to you in your quest for a healthier, more productive life. In development are sections on Ayurvedic Medicine, a general store to obtain hard-to-find health products at discount prices and information on Integrative approaches to medical issues.

Good luck, enjoy our site and let us know what you think.