Useful Headache Links

The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy
AHDA is an organization whose mission is to increase federal funding for headache research. At the AHDA site, you can learn what is being done to cure headaches and how you can help.

American Headache Society Committee for Headache Education
ACHE is the patient education site of the American Headache Society. There is a wealth of useful information here.

The Headache Cooperative of New England
HCNE is the regional society of headache experts in the northeastern U.S. Interesting articles and talks by leading headache experts.

The International Headache Society
IHS is the very large website for the only world-wide headache organization. There is an excellent education section as well as many other features. Definitely worth a visit.

The Migraine Research Foundation
The Migraine Research Foundation’s mission is to fund important projects in headache research and education.

My Migraine Connection
One of the most active and important patient advocacy sites for headache. A great place to hear from other headache sufferers, experts, and supporters.

The National Migraine Association
MAGNUM is a very active and objective patient advocacy site with excellent information.

The National Headache Foundation
NHF is a national organization that provides excellent patient education and other materials as well as support for headache research.

Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches
OUCH is an international group that advocates for and educates on the specific type of headache known as Cluster.

The Headache Cooperative of the Pacific
HCOP is the website for headache specialists from the Western United States, containing interesting articles and lectures as well as other features.

Merck Manual
The famous Merck Manual has developed an excellent set of materials, free of promotional content relating to headache.

The following websites are to pharmaceutical companies that make headache products. They are included here because they often offer coupons for their products, additional information, and services.
Nautilus Neurosciences
MAP Pharmaceuticals